Meet Our Team

Meet Our Management Team

  • Nuria de la Fuente
    General Manager
    Nuria has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Recruitment. Starting her recruitment career in her hometown of Madrid in 2008, Nuria moved to sunny Malta in February 2013 to join SpotOn connections and is now SpotOn Connection's General Manager. She responsible for opening our new office in Portugal at the start of 2017 and part of the team that opened up our offic in Santiago de Compostela in Spain! She is a lively character who enjoys music, dancing, karaoke, and travelling.​ Visit Nuria's LinkedIn profile
  • Patricia González Mulas
    Recruitment Manager
    Patricia joined the Connections family in the summer of 2014, working in our offices in Malta before moving to Portugal to help set up a new branch of SpotOn Connections. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in HR Management, and joined SpotOn Connections with previous recruitment experience, having worked for a recruitment company in Spain. Patricia is a people person at heart and likes to travel as much as possible, but her greatest passions are dancing salsa and bachata. Visit Patricia’s LinkedIn profile
  • Joelle Abela
    Recruitment Manager
    Joelle joined SpotOn Connections Malta in 2014 after complete a Degree in Psychology. Before moving to our Gozo Office Joelle used to make the 2-hour commute to work everyday from her home in Gozo to Malta, balancing her love for the Island and Recruitment. Travelling and reading are her two main hobbies while squeezing in gym-time in her free time. Visit Joelle’s LinkedIn profile
  • Blue Whitney
    Recruitment Manager
    Born in Botswana, Blue moved to Malta at an early age and has spent most of her life living here. She considers herself a local and loves the familiarity and charm of the Mediterranean island. Blue started at SpotOn Connections in April 2017 as a Trainee Recruiter, drawn by the international focus of the company. Since then, she has found her focus as an IT Recruitment Consultant and now as the office's Recruitment Manager! Possessing a fierce sense of competition, Blue is a great lover of board games, and won’t back down from a challenge. Visit Blue’s LinkedIn profile
  • Noelia González Pérez
    Recruitment Manager
    Noelia joined the SpotOn team in July 2015, following her completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a 2nd Level Degree in Human Resources. At the start of 2017 she moved to Portugal to help set up our Portugal office, the second in the SpotOn Connections network. Noelia is a fun loving character who loves trekking, cooking, discovering new places, and Real Madrid. Visit Noelia’s LinkedIn profile
  • Joana Aurelio
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Joana joined our team in Malta as part of the International Internship Programme in early 2015 and now works as a Recruitment Team Leader at our Portugal office. She has a master's degree in Human Resources and prior experience within recruitment. Joana enjoys travelling and exploring new countries, as well as socialising and meeting new people. Visit Joana’s LinkedIn profile
  • Esther Fernandez
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Esther started working for SpotOn Connections in July 2018 and brought with her experience as a customer service agent as well as online content moderation, and of course, her energetic personality. From lovely Spain, Esther has a bachelor’s in Social Work as well as a master’s degree in Human Resources, specializing in the management, organisation and planning of talent. Although she had originally been planning to stay in Malta for 3 months, Esther fell in love with the island, and 4 years later, she is still here. Visit Esther’s LinkedIn profile
  • Margarida Machado
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Margarida joined SpotOn Connections in April 2018. Before that she was a Clinical Psychologist and Researcher and worked in the Finance industry as well. She is from Portugal and has a Master’s in Psychology from Lisbon University and a Master’s in HR Management from the ISCTE in Lisbon. Margarida loves to travel and explore new beach spots. She is also an avid Geocacher and loves experimenting with different cocktails. Visit Margarida’s LinkedIn profile
  • Katarzyna Mieczkowska
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Katarzyna is originally from Poland where she studied Finance to Bachelor's level, followed by post graduate studies in Banking. During her studies she undertook an internship in a recruitment agency which led to the realisation that she wanted to develop her career in this area, favouring human interaction and communication over numbers. Katarzyna has a varied background, covering customer support, sales, and even working as a lifeguard, but she moved to Portugal to study a Master's Degree in HR Management at NOVA SBE in Lisbon which is what led her to SpotOn Connections in June 2017. She has enjoyed playing sports her whole life and focuses mainly on the gym right now, but she also has strong interests in photography, travelling, learning languages, and interacting with new cultures. At the end of April 2018, Katarzyna became a mum, and has since then been raising her son. Visit Katarzyna’s LinkedIn profile
  • Luisela Sanz
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Luisela joined on October 2019 and is from Andalucia, Spain. She studied German Translation in Interpretation in the University of Granada and has a Masters in Business Administration in the University of Jaen. Luisela brings with her experience as a Language Teacher and Administration. Luisela loves Marvel films and Dungeons and Dragons, as well as swimming, yoga and reading. She also enjoys playing the Ukelele and singing. Visit Luisela’s LinkedIn profile
  • Catarina Teixeira
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Catarina has a Master's in Human Resources and joined our Betting Connections team in January 2014, as part of our Internship program. After completing her program, she gained more experience in the Recruitment Industry and has joined us again in June 2020 as part of our SpotOn Portugal Recruitment Team. She has now relocated to Gozo, working with our Gozo Recruitment Team and she is also our Yoga Teacher! Visit Catarina's LinkedIn profile

Meet Our Consultants

  • Carolina Cepeda
    Senior Recruitment Consultant
    Carolina joined SpotOn Connections Portugal in June 2019. From Portugal, she has a strong background in sales & psychology, including a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Visit Carolina's LinkedIn profile
  • Evelina Siliukaite
    Recruitment Consultant
    Evelina Siliukaite graduated in Business & Psychology from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. She can speak Lithuanian, Russian, Polish & English fluently. She is a friendly and open-minded recruiter who loves to travel and explore new places. She started out in an internship and more than 1 year later she still works with us remotely! Visit Evelina Siliukaite's LinkedIn profile
  • Trisha Bonnici
    Senior Recruiter
    Trisha is a Gozitan who joined SpotOn in January 2021 after a long career in Banking. She started off as a Trainee Recruiter, working her way up to now a Senior. One of our top billers, Trisha is also a dedicated Mother, who with her energetic personality helps plan our social events, from BBQ nights, to Friday beers! Visit Trisha's LinkedIn profile
  • Patrycja Byzdra
    Recruitment Consultant
    Patrycja is from Poland, based in Malta! She comes with 4 years’ experience in customer service, with a solid Psychology background. She joined SpotOn Malta in July 2021. Visit Patrycja Byzdra's LinkedIn profile
  • Deivydas Škarnulis
    Recruitment Consultant
    From Lithuania, Deivydas comes with a Degree in Communication and Creative Industries and has completed an Internship with a recruitment agency in Malta as well as having previous experience in sales. Deivydas joined SpotOn Connections Portugal in July 2021. Visit Deivydas Škarnulis's LinkedIn profile
  • Eduard Puig Comas
    Senior Recruiter
    Eduard is Spanish and has just relocated to Cascais in 2021. He comes with a Degree in Business Administration & Management as well as completed a couple of internships as a Recruiter and Marketing Assistant. He joined SpotOn Connections Portugal in October 2021. Visit Eduard Puig Comas's LinkedIn profile
  • Ana Rita Oliveira
    Ana Rita is Portuguese, and joined SpotOn Spain in November 2021. She has studied a Master’s in Human Resources and completed a number of internships in different countries. As her most recent experience, she has also worked in the Forex industry, bringing with her a set of transferable skills and a lovely energy to the team! Visit Ana Rita's LinkedIn profile
  • Shannon Pahal
    Senior Recruiter
    Shannon is from the UK, and has been living in Gozo with her family since 2021. After gaining experience in Retail and in Customer Support, she discovered Recruitment and joined SpotOn Gozo in January 2022. One of her main strengths is time management and organisation, as apart from being a Recruiter, she is a caring Mother! Visit Shannon's LinkedIn profile
  • Youness Cherkaoui
    Senior Recruiter
    Youness is from Spain, completed a Master’s Degree in HR and brings experience from different internships related to HR/Recruitment. He joined SpotOn Spain in February 2022. Visit Youness's LinkedIn profile
  • Aida Redzepovic
    Trainee Recruiter
    Aida is from Sweden, studied International Marketing & Sales and brings with her experience in Customer Support and Recruitment. She joined SpotOn Spain in February 2022. Visit Aida's LinkedIn profile
  • Javier Carvi
    Senior Recruiter
    Javier Carvi is from Spain and has recently relocated to Cascais. He has a Degree in Labour Relations & Human Resources, and has completed an internship in Recruitment. Visit Javier's LinkedIn profile
  • Alejandro Jimenez
    Alejandro was born in Venezuela and lived in Miami before relocating to Spain at age 10. He has experience in recruitment and good grasp of IT. He joined SpotOn Connections Spain in April 2022. Visit Alejandro's LinkedIn profile
  • Carmen Pappalardo
    Trainee Recruiter
    Italian national who relocated to join the team, Carmen previously lived in London for over 5 years and has built an interest in recruitment, focusing her education background on Recruitment and HR, eager to apply to apply theory into practice. Visit Carmen's LinkedIn profile
  • Luiza Gogulska
    Luiza is a Polish national who joined SpotOn Gozo in July 2022. She worked for 2 years in a Bank and recently desired a change and new challenge. She is highly interested in Recruitment and she ended up in Gozo, which she now calls home. Luiza describes herself as an energetic and caring person who loves cooking in her free time! Visit Luiza's LinkedIn profile
  • Wiktoria Roman
    Trainee Recruiter
    Wiktoria is a Polish national who has lived in Malta for 4 years. Coming from the demanding world of Forex, Wiktoria has direct experience in Sales, Leadership & Recruitment, and is highly motivated by working in a target driven environment. Visit Wiktoria's LinkedIn profile
  • Ana Mtchedlishvili
    Trainee Recruiter
    Ana is from Georgia, based in Lithuania and has joined SpotOn Cascais in July 2022. She is currently finishing her degree in Psychology and has previous experience in HR & Recruitment having worked as an HR Assistant and Talent Acquisition Specialist Visit Ana's LinkedIn profile
  • Georgeta Pasculescu
    Senior Recruiter
    Georgeta is from Romania, with over 4 years in Recruitment and HR, with additional solid background in Sales and Training. She has an energetic view of recruitment, motivated by our international approach and culture, and she is keep to become an integral part of the Connections Group. Visit Georgeta's LinkedIn profile
  • Tamara Alvarez Garrido
    Trainee Recruiter
    Tamara is from Spain, and joined SpotOn Connections in October 2022. She brings hands-on experience in recruitment and sales as well as Educational background in Psychology. Visit Tamara's LinkedIn profile
  • Francisca Soto
    Trainee Recruiter
    Fransisca is from Chile, with a degree in Psychology. She brings with her experience in Recruitment as well as international sales. She joined SpotOn Malta in October 2022. Visit Francisca's LinkedIn profile
  • Agustin Pérez Troitiño
    Trainee Recruiter
    Agustin is from Galicia, and graduated in Psychology & HR. He has experience volunteering in cultural mediation and helping people with mental disabilities. He joined SpotOn Portugal in October 2022. Visit Georgeta's LinkedIn profile
  • Paola Morales
    Trainee Recruiter
    Paola is originally from Ecuador, moved to Spain at the age of 9 and has studied in Psychology in Santiago de Compostela together with a Master in HR in Malaga. She has experience in HR and joined SpotOn Portugal in October 2022. Visit Paola's LinkedIn profile
  • Patrycja Smolarek
    Trainee Recruiter
    Paty is from Poland, and currently living in Lisbon. She has experience in customer support, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities along with a certificate in HR. She joined SpotOn Portugal in October 2022. Visit Paty's LinkedIn profile
  • Ana Sofia Silva
    Trainee Recruiter
    Following a Masters in HR Management as well as 2 internships in HR, Sofia gained experience in Recruitment and has now joined SpotOn Spain in October 2022. Visit Ana Sofia's LinkedIn profile
  • Alejandra Escudero Polaina
    Trainee Recruiter
    Alejandra relocated to Gozo all the way from Barcelona, Spain! She has a background in teaching and a Masters in Sports Psychology. She joined SpotOn Spain in October 2022. Visit Alejandra's LinkedIn profile
  • Anna Zaworska
    Trainee Recruiter
    From Poland, Anna relocated to Lisbon. She has a Degree in Business Economics studying in Poland, London and Sweden and has also also completed an internship as a Recruitment Trainee within an agency. She joined SpotOn Portugal in October 2022. Visit Anna's LinkedIn profile
  • SpotOn Connections Malta
    Marialena Mavrogianni
    Trainee Recruiter
    Lena is a Greek National who moved to Malta for the opportunity to join SpotOn Connections in January 2023. She has a background in sales, and customer services and is keen to build a career in a field where she can use her outgoing personality and personal drive! Visit Marialena's LinkedIn profile
  • Jérémy Chabot
    Recruitment Intern
    Jeremy is from France, and joined SpotOn Gozo as an Intern in January 2023! He already brings some experience in Recruitment, eager to further his studies as part of the Gozo team. Visit Jeremy's LinkedIn profile
  • Barbara Montagnini
    Trainee Recruiter
    Barbara had been living in Gozo for over 3 years before she joined SpotOn Gozo in January 2023. She has Brazilian and Italian heritage, and has been working in Sales and hospitality. She is very eager to start her career in Recruitment! Visit Barbara's LinkedIn profile
  • Elona Habili
    Trainee Recruiter
    Elona is Albanian and Italian, and moved to Gozo in January 2023 to form part of the SpotOn Gozo Eagles team. She studied Foreign Languages and has experience in Recruitment as well. Visit Elona's LinkedIn profile
  • Augusto Pascale
    Trainee Recruiter
    Augusto is Italian, who studied Political Studies. He has experience in Administration and Law firms, with some international experience. He joined SpotOn Gozo in January 2023. Visit Augusto's LinkedIn profile
  • Francesco De Salvo
    Trainee Recruiter
    Francesco is from Italy and joined SpotOn Gozo in January 2023. He has experience in Recruitment and HR, and a Masters Degree in Work Psychology! Visit Francesco's LinkedIn profile
  • SpotOn Connections Spain
    Gerda Grigaliūnaitė
    Trainee Recruiter
    Greda is from Lithuania and has prior experience in Recruitment. She joined SpotOn Santiago in January 2023, looking to build on her recruitment career with SpotOn Connections! Visit Grega's LinkedIn profile
  • SpotOn Connections Spain
    Dorota Pekacz
    Trainee Recruiter
    Dorota is from Poland, with experience in Recruitment and a background in BPOs. She joined SpotOn Santiago in January 2023, looking to learn everything about external recruitment. Visit Dorota's LinkedIn profile
  • SpotOn Connections Spain
    Eirini Karlafti
    Trainee Recruiter
    Eirini is a Greek national with a background in Tourism. She is eager to transfer those skills in a new field, having joined SpotOn Santiago in January 2023. Visit Eirini's LinkedIn profile
  • Adrián Calderón
    Trainee Recruiter
    Adrián is from Spain, and previously lived in Lisbon. He has a Degree in Law and is doing a Masters in HR. Adrián has a background in Customer Support and joined SpotOn Cascais in January 2023. Visit Adrián's LinkedIn profile Adriá
  • Ema Gaspar
    Trainee Recruiter
    Ema is Portuguese and British, and native in both languages. She has experience working as a Social Media Coordinator and a Real Estate Agent. With an educational background in Marketing, International Business as well as People & Team Management, she joined SpotOn Cascais in January 2023. Visit Ema's LinkedIn profile
  • Mariam Nikoladze
    Trainee Recruiter
    Mariam is from Georgia. She has studied Psychology and comes with more than a year of experience, having completed an Internship in Recruitment. She joined SpotOn Cascais in January 2023. Visit Mariam's LinkedIn profile
  • Joana Carapinha
    Trainee Recruiter
    From Portugal, Joana has a background in Telecommunications, HR, Payroll and a Degree in International Relations. She joined SpotOn Cascais in January 2023. Visit Joana's LinkedIn profile

Our Founders

  • Duarte Amado & Frederico Formigal
    Managing Director & COO Respectively
    Our founders combined their extensive recruitment knowledge to set up a service that responded to a demand in the market for a ‘true recruitment consultancy’! Duarte and Frederico have guided SpotOn Connections from strength to strength over the years, both taking a very hands on approach to ensuring that all of our staff have the resources, training and knowledge needed to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients and candidates alike. Visit Duarte’s LinkedIn profile Visit Fred’s LinkedIn profile

Meet Our Operations and Administration Team

  • João Tiago Figueiredo
    Finance and Quality Manager
  • Artur Cardoso
    Advertising and Reporting Executive
    Artur joined the SpotOn Connections Team in Malta at the start of 2016. At the start of 2017, Artur relocated from Malta to Portugal to help set up a new office for the company. Artur is a traveller at heart who loves to visit as many places in the world as he possibly can. Visit Artur's LinkedIn profile
  • Julia Stefaniak
    Partnerships Executive
    Julia joined the Black and Yellow family in January 2020 and brings with her experience in Customer Support. She has studied at Jagiellonian University in Poland and has a Master's in International Relations & Affairs. Visit Julia’s LinkedIn profile
  • Samwel Farrugia
    Social Media and Content Manager
    Samwel joined Betting Connections in September 2019. He has a background in the written word and graduated in Communications at the University of Malta in 2018. Sam loves sketching, writing, and playing piano, and is always interested in trying new, exciting things. Visit Samwel's LinkedIn profile
  • Sofia Castelbranco
    Training and Development Lead

    Fluent in 5 different languages, a mother two children and two cats, Sofia is also a passionate photographer and DIY hobbyist. Sofia joined our team through our international internship programme. Before that, she was an HR consultant, project manager, flight attendant and many others, which helped guide her to leaving her home and joining the recruitment industry. Sofia also has read a degree in Social and Organizational Psychology at ISCTE, and a Music Course in the National Conservatorium. She plants her own vegetables in her free time, and fights for the environment by riding her own electrical bike to work.

    Visit Sofia's LinkedIn profile

  • Gosia Pluta
    Project Manager

    Prior to SpotOn Connections, she completed a Master's Degree in Media and Communications, her primary research area being on Recruitment and Selection. Gosia speaks Polish and English at a fluent level, and enjoys water sports and networking in her free time.

    Visit Gosia's LinkedIn profile

  • John-Paul Vella
    Office Administrator
    John-Paul joined the Connections Group in September 2022. He is from Gozo and moved to Malta, and is a talented tailor and hairstylist. Visit John-Paul's LinkedIn profile
  • Sonia Ribeiro
    HR, Training & Development Executive
    Sonia joined the Connections Group in January 2016 and has a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters of Forensic Psychology and Social Exclusion. She is Portuguese by birth, but has lived in Belgium for twenty years and the UK for four. Sonia speaks Portuguese, French, and English, and holds a passion for interacting with diverse cultures and people. View Sonia's LinkedIn profile