Meet Our Team

Meet Our Management Team

  • Nuria de la Fuente
    Recruitment Manager
    Nuria has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Recruitment. Starting her recruitment career in her hometown of Madrid in 2008, Nuria moved to sunny Malta in February 2013 to join SpotOn connections and is now a Recruitment Manager, responsible for opening our new offices in Portugal at the start of 2017. She is a lively character who enjoys music, dancing, karaoke, and travelling.​ Visit Nuria's LinkedIn profile
  • Donna Bonello
    Recruitment Manager
    Donna joined SpotOn connections in 2013 as a Trainee Recruiter, before working her way up to the position of Recruitment Team Leader, heading our office in Malta. She is a huge Disney fan and has a self-proclaimed love of sheep, leading to a very large collection of sheep memorabilia. Donna currently lives with her 2 cats and dog, Ben, and she loves the lifestyle in Malta, so doesn't see herself moving overseas anytime soon, if ever. Visit Donna’s LinkedIn profile
  • Noelia González Pérez
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Noelia joined the SpotOn team in July 2015, following her completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a 2nd Level Degree in Human Resources. At the start of 2017 she moved to Portugal to help set up our Portugal office, the second in the SpotOn Connections network. Noelia is a fun loving character who loves trekking, cooking, discovering new places, and Real Madrid. Visit Noelia’s LinkedIn profile
  • Joelle Abela
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Joelle joined SpotOn Connections in 2014, following her Degree in Psychology from the University of Malta. She lives in Gozo, which she loves, and commutes to the office in Sliema each day to balance her love of Gozo and recruitment. Joelle loves to create new recipes in her free time, driven by her passion for cooking, and she loves to travel, taking the time to integrate into new cultures. Visit Joelle’s LinkedIn profile
  • Patricia González Mulas
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Patricia joined the Connections family in the summer of 2014, working in our offices in Malta before moving to Portugal to help set up a new branch of SpotOn Connections. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in HR Management, and joined SpotOn Connections with previous recruitment experience, having worked for a recruitment company in Spain. Patricia is a people person at heart and likes to travel as much as possible, but her greatest passions are dancing salsa and bachata. Visit Patricia’s LinkedIn profile
  • Joana Aurelio
    Recruitment Team Leader
    Joana joined our team in Malta as part of the International Internship Programme in early 2015 and now works as a Recruitment Team Leader at our Portugal office. She has a master's degree in Human Resources and prior experience within recruitment. Joana enjoys travelling and exploring new countries, as well as socialising and meeting new people. Visit Joana’s LinkedIn profile
  • Matthew Kimberley
    Head of Training
    Matthew, our Head of Training, comes from a strong background in sales, marketing and recruitment. Matthew provides training and coaching sessions for all our team members; both initial and for ongoing training and development! Matthew ensures our consultants have all the knowledge required to provide a top level of recruitment service to both our clients and candidates! Matthew, who is a father to two, enjoys travelling the globe and spending time with his family. Visit Matthew’s LinkedIn profile

Meet Our Consultants

  • Gisela Nogueira
    Gisela is originally from Porto in Portugal and holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's in Clinical Psychology. She has always worked in HR and spent almost ten years working for the same company before deciding to make a big lifestyle change, leading her to Malta at the start of 2016. She joined the Connections family shortly after arriving in Malta and finds herself excited for work each day, holding a genuine passion for recruitment. When we opened SpotOn Portugal at the start of 2017, Gisela moved back to her native country to help set up our new office and has a self-professed love of the work environment at SpotOn. In her free time, she likes to be out of the house as much as possible, spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and travelling as much as possible, both in Portugal and overseas. Visit Gisela’s LinkedIn profile
  • Ricardo Bermejo
    Ricardo is originally from Spain where he completed a degree in Labour Relations & Human Resources. He started working with the Connections family in Malta in 2016 before moving to Portugal to help setup our Portuguese offices at the start of 2017. He arrived with experience in Human Resources and spent one year living and working in Asia. Ricardo loves experiencing international environments and different cultures. Visit Ricardo’s LinkedIn profile
  • Blue Whitney
    Trainee Recruiter
    Born in Botswana, Blue moved to Malta at the age of nine and has spent the majority of her life living here since that time. With parents in Portugal and family all over the world, she has tried living in other parts of the world, but always found herself drawn back to Malta, driven by familiarity and career opportunities. Blue enjoys the international focus of SpotOn Connections and is a great lover of board games and listening to life stories.  Visit Blue’s LinkedIn profile
  • Katarzyna Mieczkowska
    Trainee Recruiter
    Katarzyna is originally from Poland where she studied Finance to Bachelor's level, followed by post graduate studies in Banking. During her studies she undertook an internship in a recruitment agency which led to the realisation that she wanted to develop her career in this area, favouring human interaction and communication over numbers. Katarzyna has a varied background, covering customer support, sales, and even working as a lifeguard, but she moved to Portugal to study a Master's Degree in HR Management at NOVA SBE in Lisbon which is what led her to SpotOn Connections. She has enjoyed playing sports her whole life and focuses mainly on the gym right now, but she also has strong interests in photography, travelling, learning languages, and interacting with new cultures. Visit Katarzyna’s LinkedIn profile
  • Rachelle Holden
    Trainee Recruiter
    Rachelle is originally from London, England, but she moved to Portugal 4 years ago in search of a better climate and the experience of living in a new country. She arrived at SpotOn Connections Portugal with several years experience working closely with customers, most recently as a senior advisor. Rachel moved into recruitment to continue working with people and is excited at the prospect of developing her career in SpotOn Visit Rachelle’s LinkedIn profile
  • Ines Capela
    Trainee Recruiter
    Ines is originally from Portugal where she studied Hotel Management to degree level. She has always wanted to be involved in international experiences and deal with different cultures which is what first attracted her to SpotOn Connections, working internationally to help people find jobs across Europe. Before joining SpotOn she worked in several international environments and comes with experience of recruitment in the hospitality industry. She is currently writing a Master thesis on Talent Retention, combining her studies and work seamlessly. Ines has a great love of pandas and travelling, and likes to try new food and work out every week. Her most recent love is photography and she now carries a Polaroid camera with her so that she can instantly capture memories of friends and family and take them with her. Visit Ines’ LinkedIn profile
  • Luisela
  • Raffaele Donnarumma
  • Ashley Douglas

Our Founders

  • Duarte Amado & Frederico Formigal
    Managing Director & COO Respectively
    Our founders combined their extensive recruitment knowledge to set up a service that responded to a demand in the market for a ‘true recruitment consultancy’! Duarte and Frederico have guided SpotOn Connections from strength to strength over the years, both taking a very hands on approach to ensuring that all of our staff have the resources, training and knowledge needed to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients and candidates alike. Visit Duarte’s LinkedIn profile Visit Fred’s LinkedIn profile

Meet Our Operations and Administration Team

  • Lucy Eldridge
    Head of Operations
    Lucy joined our International Recruitment Team in 2011. Now, as Head of Operations, her role focuses on day to day operations, marketing and administration. Lucy, who is the Office Manager for our sister company Betting Connections too, also takes care of our online advertising team. Visit Lucy’s LinkedIn profile
  • Artur Cardoso
    Marketing Assistant
    Artur joined the SpotOn Connections Team in Malta at the start of 2016. At the start of 2017, Artur relocated from Malta to Portugal to help set up a new office for the company. Artur is a traveller at heart who loves to visit as many places in the world as he possibly can. Visit Artur's LinkedIn profile
  • Daniel Lund
    Systems Administrator
    Daniel joined the Connections family at the start of 2016 as a Trainee Recruiter, following a career in IT Support in Copenhagen. He has since moved to our IT department and is now the Systems Administrator at Betting Connections. Daniel loves football, basketball, weightlifting, and researching technology. Visit Daniel’s LinkedIn profile