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Do you want to live and work in Athens?

Do you want to live and work in Athens? Most of us can answer a question of what Athens looks like, and most probably, images of the ancient Greeks, or the Acropolis & the Parthenon spring to mind. While these are important, and certainly beautiful, there is more to Athens beneath those layers.   The… Read more »

Our top CV writing tips

As International Recruitment Consultants, we help job seekers through every step of their career and that starts with the CV. CVs are an essential part of the recruitment process and yours can make the difference between getting that all important first interview or not. As our International Recruitment Consultants are CV experts! Our teams screen… Read more »

Working from home tips from Nuria, our remote Recruitment Manager

COVID guidelines suggest staying indoors as much as possible. So it is no surprise that companies have shifted to working remotely. This can be a challenge for anyone who is new to working remotely from home. It can be a bigger challenge for Managers and Team Leaders. However, there are ways for making the transition… Read more »

Life By The Seaside

The island of Malta located between Sicily and the North African coast, may seem like a small spot on the map, but this unique island is a truly magical place with something for absolutely everyone! It’s blue waters, sandy beaches and soul-feeding views are only some of the many attractions this gorgeous place holds. Malta… Read more »

SpotOn’s Fresh Layer of Yellow and Black Paint

This month the SpotOn office has had a super refurbishment in our office in Sliema, expanding our office space and meeting rooms, adding some highly finished parquet, fitted carpets and a brand new kitchen for our visitors and SpotOn team to enjoy! Don’t worry we haven’t removed our awesome spray paint logo graffiti along the… Read more »

Eight Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

Good time management allows you to have more time for yourself, makes you feel more secure, improves your relations, and above all, improves your efficiency, allowing you to get better results and be more productive. These eight time management techniques will allow you to have greater professional and personal satisfaction throughout your life. 1. Set… Read more »

Soft Skills Most Valued By Recruiters

Soft skills are the inherent qualities of each person. These include habits, attitudes and the way we interact with others which are all highly valued by employers. Soft skills could also be the decision maker for getting hired! When talking about your soft skills on your CV or in an interview, give examples of moments… Read more »