What Benefit Does A Recruitment Consultancy Offer To Employers?

As part of a successful and growing company, employers will regularly be faced with the challenge of recruiting new staff to be part of their team. However, it’s no small task to find the staff that have the skills and reliability to help your company grow. Where do you go to find the best candidates? How do you sift out the good CVs from the bad? Where do you find the time to interview these excellent candidates and when you do, what questions do you ask them to find out how committed they would be to your company and how well they could perform their job? So many dilemmas! At SpotOn Connections we are established recruitment professionals and we take full responsibility for finding staff that will help employers, our clients, to continue their growth. As such, we want to explain some of the benefits of using a Recruitment Consultancy.

There Is No Risk

One of the biggest concerns employers often have about recruitment agencies is that they are going to waste their money. At SpotOn Connections we offer an industry leading 12 week refund policy for permanent positions because we are so confident in our recruitment process. We work so tirelessly to find the perfect staff for all of our clients that we are able to eliminate the risk of our clients wasting money on staff who don’t fit into their company. So yes, you have nothing to lose.

We Know Where To Find The Best Candidates

Finding quality candidates who are willing to move to your business is a real challenge – where do you even start? Every week for the past few years we have had teams of experienced recruitment professionals sourcing candidates from all over Europe, building personal networks as well as our database. We have candidates coming to us on a daily basis and we take the time to screen each of them, ensuring we only offer the highest quality candidates to our clients.

We Save You Time

Do you want to post job adverts, sift through CVs, and then conduct many interviews, possibly to not even find who you are looking for? When you engage in our recruitment consultancy, we do all of the leg work for you, only bringing you a small selection of the very best candidates, allowing you to take your pick of the ‘cream of the crop’. Recruiting good staff is a full time job requiring strong teams and processes, and it is what we do on a daily basis.

What’s Stopping You?

With absolutely no financial risk and the opportunity to find candidates you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach, what is stopping you from working with a Recruitment Consultancy? You can still continue to look for your own staff, but chances are that we will find you candidates who are more suitable.

If you are looking to recruit staff for your business, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to discuss how we can work together and how we can help your business to grow. We believe in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships that will keep you coming back to us for staff for many years to come as your company grows.

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