What Benefit Does A Recruitment Consultancy Offer To Employers?

As part of a successful and growing company, employers will regularly be faced with the challenge of recruiting new staff to be part of their team. However, it’s no small task to find the staff that have the skills and reliability to help your company grow. Where do you go to find the best candidates?… Read more »

Celebrating Summer In Portugal

Last weekend we had our annual, much anticipated, SpotOn Connections Summer Party for our offices in Portugal. This year we had a specially themed Masterchef party, undertaking elaborate dishes for the fun of all as the teams battled it out to be proclaimed the SpotOn Masterchef champions.   We arrived to our cooking challenge in… Read more »

Why Would You Use A Recruitment Consultancy To Find A Job?

If you ask a Recruiter why you should use a Recruitment Consultancy to find a job, they will be able to put forward a very strong case for why you should use a recruiter when you are looking for a job – but if you are unfamiliar with recruitment, you may think ‘Why shouldn’t I… Read more »

How To Live, Work, And Travel In A New Part Of Europe

Have you ever looked at living in a new part of Europe with glassy eyed wonder, asking yourself how you could realistically move to a completely new country and start a life there? If you have, then you are in the right place. At SpotOn Connections we work tirelessly to help individuals take the next… Read more »

Jobs For French Speakers in Lisbon and Prague

At SpotOn Connections, we recruit for speakers of many different languages, all across Europe. Right now however, we have particularly high demand for French speakers willing to relocate to (or currently living in) Lisbon or Prague as our clients are currently looking for French speaking individuals to work as customer service agents. These roles present hard… Read more »

Jobs For Graduates Across Europe

It’s that exciting time of year when university is finishing for the summer – and if you’re in your final year of studies, that means you are finishing university forever and heading out into the world. With so much choice in front of you, it can be incredibly hard to decide exactly what to do…… Read more »

SpotOn Connections at Slam Tilt Volleyball Festival 2017

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone at Slam Tilt Volleyball Festival for organising the event. We had a great day filled with volleyball, sunshine, and fun. Our team won all three of their group matches to proceed to the A-bracket of the knockout stages of Slam Tilt. We won our first knock out match,… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Malta?

At SpotOn Connections we currently place staff in fifteen different countries across Europe and we are continuously expanding the network of countries that we work in. As the cost of living varies greatly between countries, your salary can go a very long way, or not very far at all, depending on where you live. As we… Read more »

Meet Nuria de la Fuente, Recruitment Manager at SpotOn Portugal (Opened January 2017)

Nuria is the Recruitment Manager at SpotOn Connections Portugal, and has been instrumental in setting up the office that first opened its doors in January 2017. She recently celebrated her fourth anniversary with the company, starting out as a Trainee Recruiter and working her way up to her current position. I took the time to… Read more »

Life By The Seaside

The island of Malta located between Sicily and the North African coast, may seem like a small spot on the map, but this unique island is a truly magical place with something for absolutely everyone! It’s blue waters, sandy beaches and soul-feeding views are only some of the many attractions this gorgeous place holds. Malta… Read more »