Eight Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

Good time management allows you to have more time for yourself, makes you feel more secure, improves your relations, and above all, improves your efficiency, allowing you to get better results and be more productive. These eight time management techniques will allow you to have greater professional and personal satisfaction throughout your life. 1. Set… Read more »

Soft Skills Most Valued By Recruiters

Soft skills are the inherent qualities of each person. These include habits, attitudes and the way we interact with others which are all highly valued by employers. Soft skills could also be the decision maker for getting hired! When talking about your soft skills on your CV or in an interview, give examples of moments… Read more »

Are you fluent in Slovak and want to work in Greece? Explore your options

Are you fluent in Slovak and looking for a job opportunity in Greece but don’t know where to start? What about having a specialized consultant guiding you through the process and helping you explore your options? We will help you make the best possible choice according to your profile, job experience, preferences and needs. Explore your… Read more »