Celebrating Summer In Portugal

Last weekend we had our annual, much anticipated, SpotOn Connections Summer Party for our offices in Portugal. This year we had a specially themed Masterchef party, undertaking elaborate dishes for the fun of all as the teams battled it out to be proclaimed the SpotOn Masterchef champions.


We arrived to our cooking challenge in high spirits, excited for the day that lay ahead. Divided into teams, we battled it out to make the best food that we could, vying to be crowned the SpotOn Masterchef champions.

After some intense cooking and then mass indulgence of everything delicious that we had created, we decided to call it a draw. Everything tasted too good to be able to pick a winner!

We headed down to the beach and spent the rest of the day enjoying the warm weather, cold drinks, and even gave stand up paddle boarding a little go. It’s more difficult than it looks!

Thank you to everyone at SpotOn Connections for being part of our team and for making SpotOn Connections the place that it is – every single day, as well as on this special day. It is the people that we work alongside each day that drive our company, defining what and who we are as a business.

May we celebrate many more times in the future.

Looking To Join Our Team?

We are always looking for bright new talent to join our teams. If you are hardworking, a team player, and love working with people, we want to hear from you. Please send an email detailing why you want to join our recruitment team, along with a copy of your CV to the relavent address below:

  • Portugal Office – Nuria nuria@spotonconnections.com
  • Ireland Office – Ailbhe ailbhe@spotonconnections.com
  • Malta Office – Donna donna@spotonconnections.com