Connections Summer Party 2017 in Malta

To celebrate the beautiful Maltese summer we held a summer celebration at Xara Lodge in Rabat with both sides of the Connections family in attendance – both Betting Connections and SpotOn Connections. We begun the day at the office, closing up everything that we needed for the day before taking a bus to the centre of the island. As is typical of the Maltese summer, we enjoyed perfectly clear blue skies and spent the morning enjoying the pool and relaxing before splitting into six teams for the main focus of the day – games!

The white team, this year’s champions

Combining agility, logic, creativity, strength, and most importantly, teamwork, we competed throughout the afternoon to find out which team would eventually be crowned the champions of the day. Working together and having fun were the main focuses of the day – both of which we had in abundance – before spending the evening relaxing with food and drinks around the pool.

It was a wonderful day, offering both sides of the Connections family a great opportunity to spend time together, and a very fitting celebration of summer. Take a look at the photo gallery of our day below. Clicking an image will open the gallery.

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