At SpotOn Connections, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Recruitment Solutions and all our Connectors hold themselves accountable for ensuring this high quality is maintained and always improving with every action and communication we make.

When we welcome a new member of the Connections family, we embark on the process of training you to be able to provide the very best service to both our candidates and clients alike. Upon joining the Connections team, you will be provided with a comprehensive initial training programme which is ongoing throughout your Connections career.

Today I sat down with Nuria, our Recruitment Manager for SpotOn Connections in Portugal to find out a bit more about the Recruitment Traineeship.

What do you look for in potential Recruiters for our Traineeship Programme?  

With offices in Malta and Portugal and plans to open in Gozo and Santiago in 2020; we are always on the lookout for promising individuals to join our International Recruitment Team.

Recruitment is not easy and no worthwhile challenge should be an easy one! But especially not when you aim to provide the best service available in the market. With the right attitude and training; a recruitment career is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding one.

What does it take?

To be a successful Connector you need to be self-motivated and responsible, after all, you are holding careers in your hands.

We do not require any specific qualifications or experience; what we value the most is a strong moral compass and be determined to succeed without compromising on ethics!

The job is speaking to job seekers and optimising their career process; so you must be ready to speak to people; in person, on the phone and via video conferencing. It is not a job for a shy person.

What Does A Recruiter do on a day to day basis?

A Recruiter’s day is always busy, never the same and exciting with lots to do. A typical day (if there was such a thing) involves seeking potential candidates using a wide variety of sources and databases, building yourself a strong and wide network. You will be interviewing candidates, getting to know their skills, strengths and motivations and matching to suitable careers with our clients.

We provide industry leading recruitment training, both initially and throughout your connections career! A recruitment career can change your life. No matter your life goals or motivations, there is a way to achieve them and our management team are here to ensure you can reach your potential.

How can job seekers apply and find out more about this traineeship?

If you think you have what it takes to be a Connector, then talk with us! We will guide you through the process and if a recruitment career turns out not to be for you, we have hundreds of other careers across Europe to assist you in your job search.

To become part of a truly international recruitment team with a big vision, send us your CV and cover letter. If you want to hear more but you are unsure; just pick up the phone and call any of our recruiters to hear more about their job ?