The world has become so much smaller with the huge developments in technology connecting all corners of the world! Recruitment has become more and more digital and online video interviews have become not only popular but the norm for many companies as it gives you as close to the face to face interview as possible!

Interview preparation is one of our 30 steps, we recommend that you prepare for each and every interview! Preparing yourself, do your research, ensuring you have the best chance possible to secure that job.

With Video interviews you still need to prepare, in fact even more so, to ensure that you come across as your best version of yourself in the interview.

Other than your usual interview preparation, when you have a video interview, we also advise to follow these preparation steps to ensure you have done everything possible to have a successful interview.

The set up

Give yourself plenty of time to resolve any potential issues that might hinder your interview by testing the below as soon as you receive your interview request.

  • Find a quiet, clean and clutter free area to have the interview. Ensure the area is well lit so that your interviewer can see you. Take a look at what will be behind you, try to have the backdrop as
  • Ensure you have a good quality and stable Internet Connection to your computer in the designated area.
  • Have a call with friends or family, test the connection, the audio and the video. If you are having your recruitment process managed through us, it is part of our recruitment solutions to have a call with you in order to help you prepare and test this too!
  • If the interview is being conducted on skype or a similar video call tool – Ensure you have an account set up before hand, with a professional username and picture.
  • It is better to have your call from a laptop or computer with a webcam with a headset. However, if you only have a tablet or a phone – ensure you have a set up that hold the phone at an angle leaving you hands free to relax in the interview and take notes if needed.
  • If you live with housemates, ensure you let them know the time of your interview so that they know not to disturb you. Put a sign on your door to prevent any interruptions.
  • If you have pets, pop them in another room during the interview. We all love our fury friends, but this will be distracting for both you and the interviewer if your cat walks across your keyboard.

What to wear

Ideally, when you are working remotely, you should have a similar routine as you do when you work from an office. This includes dressing in office clothes, as we covered in another article here. Dressing professionally is just as important for a video interview. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed and you dressed to impress!

Whilst normally you are visible from the chest up whilst on a video call, it is important to dress from head to toe. Not only so you don’t have an embarrassing moment standing up at and revealing your jogging bottoms and shirt/tie combo, but also so that you put yourself into the right mindset before the interview as well.

Video Interview Body Language

The same rules that apply for a physical interview apply here too. Eye contact is important and helps show the same level of connection as a real-life interview. You shouldn’t look at the interviewer on your screen for the entire call, but remember to look up at the camera, so that your eyes lock with that of the interviewers on the other end. Therefore, it is important to test the call, to ensure if you are using a web cam that it is placed in just the right place to ensure eye contact.

Sit on a chair and sit up straight and your feet planted to the floor. Avoid fidgeting and be sure to not only listen actively but show you are listening to the interviewer!

In order to prevent having to get up to fetch something mid interview, ensure that you have a copy of your CV, a glass of water and a notepad and pen. It is easy when nervous to read or look down at your notepad, so ensure these are to hand but not right in front of you.

If you do decide to take notes to your interview, write down key words or points to remind you, do not write down your answers to read out.

Check in with your recruiter

Right before and immediately after, call your recruiter. Before – To calm your nerves beforehand, to test your connection one last time and get some last minute tips! After – to share your immediate thoughts and feedback, feedback is a hugely important part of your recruitment process to ensure your interview process is as successful as It can be!

Finally, enjoy it!

Be yourself and enjoy the experience ! Be yourself and take every opportunity as an opportunity to learn.

We won’t all get every job we interview for, the market is competitive, but there is something you can take away from every interview and every interaction. A lesson to learn or an experience to gain!

It is important to prepare yourself for each and every interview. In this article we are discussing the aspects of a video interview, but you must use this advice in conjunction with your interview preparation. If you would like to hear more about how to prepare yourself for an interview, contact our Recruitment teams on