Do you want to live and work in Athens? Most of us can answer a question of what Athens looks like, and most probably, images of the ancient Greeks, or the Acropolis & the Parthenon spring to mind. While these are important, and certainly beautiful, there is more to Athens beneath those layers.

The weather

One aspect of Athens you might deal with the most is the Mediterranean weather. Sunny, hot days even in Winter might come as a shock. Summer will be very hot at times, as well as very humid, as with most other Mediterranean countries. With that said, the Spring and Autumn seasons are to die for, with cool breezes and perfect temperatures.

How to get about

The Metro works well, as do the buses. These work best if you live near the centre, as you will not need a car to get around. Traffic can be a problem in the centre, which is why car use is not ideal. The further away from the centre, the more metros or buses you must catch. This is balanced well with how cheap the transport is, especially for students.

Athens has fantastic flight connections to Europe, so if you like travelling, want a city break weekend or want to pop back to visit your family, there are many flight options for you. There are also many reasonable priced ferries taking you your some of Greece most famous Islands for a local vacation or a weekend of exploring all Greece has to offer.

The Nightlife

When it comes to going out, Athens has a large variety of options which are only really limited by your imagination. Whether you prefer luxurious clubs or chilling in a square with a beer, Athens has got you covered, no matter your taste. It’s also important to keep note that regardless of the day you go out on, you will find crowds of people to mingle with, as the Athenians go out even during the weekdays. This is perfect for those with a shift-based work schedule.

Other activities

Being the European poster city for art and culture, Athens is a great city to live in if you are a history buff or an art enthusiast. Amongst the many places to visit; there is the Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, Ancient Agora, the Temple of Haephaestus, as well as that of Poseidon, and Roman Agora. As you can see these will fill up most of your off days. They also have free admission days, so plan around those if you are under a tight budget. Should you finally explore all the museums and places of culture, the Cyclades and Saronic islands are close to Athens, and provide the perfect mini-vacation or weekend getaway.

When you think of Greece you might think of beaches and not snow, but believe it or not there are many locations to go skiing in Greece! Travelling just an hour away from the capital city, you will find mountains which are great destinations for winter sports.

The Mediterranean food

Ah, the classic Mediterranean food. The Athenians do it well, and you will find yourself busy exploring new restaurants to try more of the stuff. The Greek cuisine is renowned world wide for some locally produced dishes such as Moussaka, Feta Cheese, Souvlaki or Keftethes.

If you want the hidden gems, however, you need to ask the Greeks. They are a friendly people who usually speak 2 or more languages, including English, so communication won’t be a problem. They can aslo point you towards the places with good food and good prices. Grecians are also very helpful when asking for directions in case you get lost.

The Sea

The southern part of Athens is right by the sea, perfect for those who love beaches and swimming. Thanks to the warm Mediterranean weather, you can still swim until well after the end of the Summer season. The East side of Attica is also close to the sea and has its own beaches. In case you live further away, the sea is only a bus ride away or two.

Rent Prices

Athens is one of the only European Capitals where the price of rent increases as you go outward from the centre, rather than inward. This means that the centre is the most affordable area, perfect for those with short commute times and offices in the city centre. The centre, while traffic heavy, also allows you to get the most out of the Athenian life, as it is easier to explore the city.

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