If you are in the initial years of your career or even looking for your first job, you will likely see a lot of Customer Service and other entry level roles abroad. You might not have set out to find a job abroad, but could working abroad be the kick start your career needs? The answer is likely yes and here’s why:

You Will Develop New Skills and Learn the Industry

Your job is to help customers in the most professional and effective manner, ensuring a positive experience for the companies’ customers. You will need to learn a lot about the industry you are in and products that you are supporting. This knowledge and exposure will help you in your future career! You will throughout your time in Customer Care build skills that will contribute to your personal and professional growth!

Entry Point Into an Industry 

When you join a business in Customer Service, it is often the first step into the industry. With the knowledge and skills learnt throughout your time in CS, you will build product knowledge and experience that will allow you in time to make the second step on the career ladder.

Whilst it is not a good idea to join CS and look to immediately to apply for other roles, a lot of employers embrace growth and reward loyalty. Offering training programs that will allow you gain exposure to other departments and supporting you to make the next steps in your career when the time is right.

You Will Be Part of an International Team and Grow Your Network!

One of the biggest perks working in CS is that you will learn the value of great teamwork and how to move forward together as a team in order to deliver a fantastic service!

Working with such a variety of colleagues in a Customer Service Department, you will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. Meeting new people on a regular basis will expand your network and help you to learn more about the right path for your career.

You Will Develop Your Communication Skills in English

While you might be working to support Customers in your native language, it is likely that the companies’ internal processes and communication will be in English. Working in an international team, you will have lots of opportunity to accelerate your language skill development.

It’s a Lot More Than Just a Job Abroad

Moving abroad can help to build on your adaptability and self-reliance. Far beyond what your CV lists from the experience, working abroad will teach you more about the world we live in and take you out of your comfortable zone to propel your development both personally and professionally.

Taking a gap year or travelling for long holidays can only exposure you so far, living and working in a foreign country is a rewarding and enriching experience that can really kick start your future career and help you to figure out the path you want for your professional life.

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