Do you want to live and work in Cyprus? Cyprus is an idyllic Mediterranean island, located between Africa, Asia, and Europe, and offers miles and miles of stunning beaches and beautiful scenery.

The Climate

Indeed, the main reason that many flock to the Island is because of its excellent climate, full of long Summers and short mild Winters. The sunny days cover around 90% of the year, and its only in Winter where it might get rainy. Cyprus weather epitomizes the ideal weather of the Mediterranean with radiant, sunny days and fine temperatures throughout the year. Extreme temperatures are rare.

Clean air is always a big plus for anyone moving out of a big city. Fortunately, there is very little heavy industry in Cyprus, and as such there is little, air and water pollution. People with breathing problems will find the air much cleaner on the island, although Cyprus is prone to springtime dust storms.

There is plenty to do on the island as well. Cyprus has a rich history which can be traced back to thousands of years, as the island has been coloured by the many cultures which conquered the island for its strategic location. There are ten Byzantine painted churches as well as the Tomb of Kings, making the island a must visit for anyone who loves history. For those who like to trek, the island provides plenty of natural and green scenery stretching out for miles, as well as beautiful Troodos Mountains.

The Culture

With the Mediterranean weather comes also the strong Mediterranean culture; Opportunities in Cyprus are enjoyed at a slower pace with less sense of urgency, and the sparse population of the island means that there is plenty of space and few crowds apart from the very active big cities.

Cyprus, prior to gaining its independence in 1960, was a British Colony for over 80 years, and this contributes to the high level of English literacy Cypriots have. Although it is always good to learn some of the local Greek, foreigners looking to live on the island will not have to worry about language barriers.

Transport and Cost of Living

Compared to many other European locations, the cost of living in Cyprus is low. On the island you can enjoy a good standard of living on a modest budget. Rent prices are also low when compared to other European cities, making the island an ideal place to enjoy the Mediterranean life while also saving up.

Cyprus boasts an efficient and modern public transport system which links rural areas to all the cities across the island. It is a hassle-free way to access the whole of Cyprus. As Cyprus has no railway system, Cypriots rely on cars or public transport to get to their destinations. For those who love to commute by bike, the greater Nicosia area has a public bicycle sharing system, with bicycles found at stations in the municipalities.

Public Transport is reasonably priced, with a one-way ticket being 1.50 euros on average while a monthly pass is around 40 euros on average. Basic utilities costs typically in the region of 100 euros a month, whilst the rent of 1 room apartment in the city centre, can costs around 550-600 euros on average. This will differ of course depending on your expectations and requirements for an apartment and your monthly rent will lower if you choose to share an apartment.

There are many career opportunities in Cyprus, thanks to low tax rates, and in recent years many international organisations have chosen to make the island a base for their operations, which has provided a healthy number of job opportunities.

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