Santiago de Compostela, is a city famous as the destination for the pilgrimage of St.James, and is the capital city of the Galicia province, in Spain. It is a beautiful city which mixes its old, inner city, with the younger architecture of the new zone that surrounds it. There is a lot to do in the city, so in this article we will provide you with a short summary of what to expect.


As a Northern city, Santiago de Compostela features a mixture of cold and warm climates. Its Summers tend to be dry while harsh Winters are a rarity. It does, however, snow a few times per year. Therefore, it is best to pack a mix of thick and thin clothing, when staying in the city for a long period of time.

Cost of living

As a city with a prominent university, Santiago is very accessible to students and young expats looking to live there. On average, a budget of 750 to 900 euros per month is enough to live on. The average rent is around 440 euros per person. The many food markets available in the city allow you affordable and quality food.


Being a university city Santiago de Compostela has a substantial nightlife. While the city is split into the old, historic town, and the more modern a zona nova, a mixture of younger and more middle-aged crowds keep a lively atmosphere well into the early hours of the morning. This makes it easy to find and make new friends, and engage in international circles.

The old town offers much more as well. From the centre of the city, where the Cathedral is circled by paved streets, you can tour the many baroque buildings, including churches, parks, and art centres.

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