At Connections Group, we consider ourselves a family. Competitive for sure, but also supportive, helping each other grow throughout their recruitment career. Our managers, and our supporting staff, who started with the company at entry-level and have grown with us for a long time, also shape the company culture for the next generations to come.  

Lucy, our Head of People Experience, is soon to end her amazing, whopping, 11-year run with the Connections Group family. In her journey she has made lasting friendships and shaped the culture of the company. Before she moves to her new career path, we managed to talk to her about her long period within the company.

While we cannot condense those full 11 years in this short article, here are some insights she learned throughout her career within the Connections Group:

How would you describe your 11 years in the Connections Group?

It has been very fun and memorable, and I’ve learned a lot. I had moved to Malta from Ireland looking for some sunshine. I started my journey in the recruitment as a Trainee Recruiter, and as the company expanded, my role evolved and adapted to the needs of the growing team.

What drew you into Recruitment, and why did you branch out?

I was job hunting in Malta when a friend introduced me to Betting Connections. I was impressed with the Recruitment process, and how knowledgeable and helpful recruiters were, which resonated with me. Eventually, the company offered me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow, and I moved to the Operations team.  11 years later, I am still thankful for that introduction.

What are some of your happiest memories in the Connections Group?

I have so many happy memories. My favourite thing about working in recruitment is the 30th Step of our recruitment process, to celebrate. When you work hard to help your candidate find the right opportunity, being the one that gets to deliver the good news that they were selected, it’s the best feeling. That is a big part of the attraction of recruitment in my opinion.

The people made my journey great too. I have worked with over 200 amazing recruiters and colleagues and have seen over 200 different beautiful journeys through recruitment, seeing them develop and flourish. I have a lot of fond memories of the Connectors, who have remained connections as well as clients, suppliers, and friends.

What are some of the lessons learned along the way?

I have learnt so much! One lesson that has remained throughout the years is to really push yourself and believe in yourself.

“When you realise ‘I can’t’ is just you standing in your own way, the possibilities of what you can achieve are incredible.”

I’ve also really appreciated the culture of constantly striving to learn and develop. I have had the fortune of working with great managers who will help you through these mistakes. We are given an opportunity to not fear mistakes but develop the skills needed to learn from them.

“Have a good relationship with making a mistake and doing better next time to improve.”

What tip would you tell your younger self as they joined the company?

I wouldn’t change the path I’ve taken; I would tell my younger self just to embrace the next 11 years and enjoy it!

These 11 years have had many incredible, learning moments. I have worked with so many recruiters, clients, suppliers, and collaborators, and looking back on all of it, I can fully say that they have all been awesome. Although I am moving to a new career path, I still feel that I am part of the Connections Group Family and will always feel that way.