Germany is one of the most popular expatriate country in the world. Why is this the case?  Is the weather good? Are there opportunities for work? How is the food? Looking to find out? Take a look below:

Many job opportunities:

For some years now, Germany has been one of the most popular countries for expatriates from all over the world. So much so that the country’s excellent economic situation makes it a real “Eldorado” for those who have difficulty finding a job in their home country. Indeed, Germany is the first economic power of the European Union and the 4th worldwide, which leads to offer many opportunities to candidates in search of employment.

The food:

You might not think it, but Germany offers a great variety of delicious food. Germany offers a creative cuisine, combining different ingredients. Of course, you can enjoy potatoes, cabbage, fish and delicious local beers. Vegetarians will also find something to their liking as the country offers delicious dishes without animal products.

Cost of living and entertainment:

In general, the cost of living is still relatively low for high wages. This depends on the region and city you are in. Germans are fun-loving and have many leisure activities: football as the national sport, various museums, cinema, you will find something to do at any time.

Good public transport:

Trains and buses are always on time and very clean. Public transport is widely used in Germany. So, if you used to say that your bus or train was late as an excuse for not getting to work on time, this will not be possible in Germany! Efficiency and speed are highly valued here.

The weather:

Germany is located in the centre of Europe, from 47 to 55 degrees north latitude, the climate is moderately continental, with cold winters (the average January temperature is around zero or slightly above), and relatively warm summers (with highs of 23/26 degrees).

An environmentally friendly country:

Germany is a very green and ecologically oriented country. Indeed, every city has parks, which adds to the quality of life of the inhabitants of each city. Bicycle paths are part of the landscape of German cities. It is common for adults or even children to cycle to work or school. It will very quickly become a habit for you to be environmentally friendly if you aren’t already!

Work experience valued by employers:

Having work experience in Germany is a real asset for your next application. Working abroad and discovering new ways of working show is a great asset to add on your CV, showing that you are capable of adapting. In addition to adaptation, you have been enriched by this experience and can combine your skills acquired in your home country and in Germany.

Now you understand why many people move to Germany. The environment is great! And there are many job opportunities waiting for you. Send us your CV, and our experienced International Recruitment Consultants will be in touch!