At the Connections Group we have an extensive Internship program which we use to introduce students to the world of Recruitment, Marketing & IT. This week we will be saying goodbye to Doris, who after 3 months with SpotOn Connections is going back to her home in Paris, France! Before that though, we got to ask her a bit about her journey, and what made Malta & SpotOn Connections memorable!

So Doris, tell us a bit more about how you are feeling:

I must admit that I am filled with bittersweet joy and sadness. I am of course, glad to go back to my family and home, as living here is great but cramped. However, I am also sad to leave this sublime island, where I met with wonderful people and lived unforgettable moments.

How would you describe your work as an Intern?

Despite my low level of English, Nuria, our General Manager, accepted me at SpotOn Connections and I am very grateful to her for the opportunity. I joined a great team at SpotOn Malta under Blue’s management where I did a lot of advertising and candidate sourcing. I also helped Samwel, our Content Manager, create blog posts, advertising, and social media visuals (even though he never really liked them 😂). The trust and time they gave me is really appreciated. I want to also thank Esther for her kindness, as well as the whole team and all the people I met here.

What are your impressions of Malta?

Malta for me is a great place to live, the colour of the water is amazing, the architecture is really interesting. Taking Instagram pictures here is cool. I even learned how to drive on the left side! I came here to improve my English. In the end I did much more than that, as I discovered a new culture and met great people.

What did you learn that will help you in the future?

Considering that I want to open my own business, this internship has given me a lot of transferable skills in how to recognise quality CVs, how to recruit and interview people. This is perfect for when I want to recruit for my future business. It has also allowed me to learn English which is a very important tool to have if you want your business to be international. Coming to Malta alone has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and be more open to others.

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