What are our Internships like?

Internships are a great way to familiarise yourself with an industry, see if you enjoy the role and learn the skills needed for you to succeed. SpotOn Connections has seen many interns over the years, although you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from our other recruiters!

This is because we treat our interns the same way we treat all our recruiters. We give you the same opportunities, the same responsibilities, and the same training, with all the tools you need to reach your targets and grab those incentives!

As we treat each other like family, you have our full support and attention as well as years of accumulated experience from our most senior recruiters. But enough hearing about us. We asked our star Senior Recruiter Evelina about her journey. She started out in an internship and more than 1 year later she still works with us remotely!


Evelina Siliukaite graduated in Business & Psychology from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. She can speak Lithuanian, Russian, Polish & English fluently. She is a friendly and open-minded recruiter who loves to travel and explore new places. Here is her journey:

Evelina, SpotOn Malta, Senior Recruiter

What attracted you to an Internship in Recruitment? What made you choose SpotOn Connections in particular?

I was attracted to SpotOn Connections because of the location and the international environment. I had already wanted to gain international experience ever since I did my Master’s degree. Recruitment itself was simply the industry I felt most comfortable in, so I decided to continue working in that direction.

How has the transition between Recruitment Intern and Senior Recruiter been?

I started my career with an internship, so it was a little different than to all my colleagues. I was promoted from Trainee to Senior Recruiter after 6 months. To be honest, I believe this was due to my positive attitude, hard work and willingness to learn. I am always curious about job opportunities and ready to help and support my colleagues.

Tell us about your highlights from those years:

Honestly there are so many, but the biggest highlight was the feeling I got throughout the years. Whenever I help other people, all those kind words from my candidates are the most satisfying moments for me personally.

You’ve made it through internship, traineeship and through the pandemic and remote working. What would you say are some of the qualities that helped you persevere? How did your team help?

When I accepted the job offer at SpotOn Connections, I was very serious about my decision. I promised myself that I would do my best to succeed. The trust was also mutual. The company has allowed me to work fully remote in Lithuania, which I appreciate, as full remote working are not a common benefit. I also always had help and support from my managers and colleagues. I was even sponsored English classes and together with practicing English every day in an international environment, my fluency in the language has increased.

Now that you are remote working full time, what can you tell me about the ups and downs? What did you do to make it work for you?

To be honest, sometimes I miss going to the office and seeing my colleagues face to face. However, the fact that I work remotely doesn’t change my bond with my team. We connect via video chat, and can see the whole office working and they can see me as well.

The key to make remote-working effective, at least for me, is organisation. As a person I am a very organised individual, and this helps me keep my focus.


We currently our opening slots in our BootCamp Internship programme. This will be a paid internship where you will spend 4 months in Malta learning next to our amazing recruitment consultants. Once you have all the tools you need, you can continue to work so, remotely!

If you are interested, please send us your CV at blue@spotonconnections.com! We also have many other fantastic roles across Europe for you to see! Our Recruitment Consultants would be happy to assist you with your job search.