How To Live, Work, And Travel In A New Part Of Europe

Have you ever looked at living in a new part of Europe with glassy eyed wonder, asking yourself how you could realistically move to a completely new country and start a life there? If you have, then you are in the right place. At SpotOn Connections we work tirelessly to help individuals take the next step in their careers, finding candidates’ jobs all over Europe. We take the time to get to know you because we want to know what makes you tick, what gets you excited, and what you are looking for in your career so that we can find you the perfect job in the perfect place.

Where Would You Like To Live?

Think about the lifestyle you want to live, rather than an exact location, because with more flexibility, there is more chance of us finding you a job. Have you ever thought about living in Athens? Or Lisbon? Or how about Malta? Do you even know where Malta is on a map?! We currently have eighteen different nationalities of staff working for us, most of whom have lived in Malta at some point during their time with us (we now have offices in Portugal too), and many of them knew very little about living in Malta before moving here. With an open mind, you might just find an exciting place to live that you never thought of before.

What Skills Do You Have And What Do You Want To Do With Them?

This is not a test – we are here to help you – but it is important to think about what your current skills are, where you would like to progress in your career, and how you can use your skills to get there. We will help you to create a CV that highlights your skills and we will use our years of experience in recruitment to help guide you, discussing different possibilities. We work in many different industries and if you have transferrable skills, it is possible to make a lateral step between industries.

Finding The Lifestyle That Suits You

Once we have found you a job, we will offer guidance on relocating, and be available to offer ongoing career consultation to you in future. This will help you to find the work-life balance you have looking for, living in a place that suits your personality and desired way of life. At SpotOn Connections, we pride ourselves on building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial for our clients and candidates, so that both parties are happy and will return to us for all of their recruitment and job seeking needs in future.

Once you are living in a new part of the world, you can really take the time to explore and travel in your new environment. Here in Malta, for example, we can swim in the sea after (or before) work, reach most of the country within thirty minutes of driving, and take a short ferry ride to either Comino or Gozo for further explorations. These are new opportunities and new places to explore that many of us were not aware of before we came to Malta, but we now like to make the most of them. Wherever in the world you move next, you will find yourself met with similar, exciting opportunities.

How We Can Help You

All you have to do is fill out our CV registration form – it only takes two minutes – and one of our recruitment consultants will get in touch with you to discuss your options. We will discuss what you are looking for, what skills you have, and what we can do for your career, hopefully leading to new opportunities in new parts of the world for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions and we will answer them for you – we are here to help you live the life you want to live.