Job Details

Turkish Legal Online Analyst - Portugal
Job ID: 6717
Job Type:

Any Region

Job description: Day to Day Responsibilities 
  • Review and process incoming legal requests (intellectual or non-intellectual property)
  • Evaluate whether each request is indeed to be processed by the team OR whether there is grounds and validity for each request
  • Understand and remain up-to-date with client’s policies and guidelines 
  • Review the request within agreed turnaround times and standards of quality

  • Turkish native + English B2

  • 0 to 12 months of experience working in administrative tasks or other tasks that involve a lot of reading
  • Preferably with a legal background or travel industry (very good performers experience)
  • Avoid people that worked in journalism, given the risk of information leaking out. People who had their own businesses also to avoid, as historically they performed poorly.

Soft skills
  • Strong team-spirit and analytical thinking;
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a strong common sense;
  • Be proactive and supportive towards the team
  • Be patient to handle the heavy reading but also take ownership of the solution to the case in hand
  • Strong attention to detail and a desire to deliver accurately, efficiently and to a high standard
  • Be organized and able to manage time and tasks efficiently

Technical Skills
  • Minimal proficiency using Google products, including Gmail, Calendar or Google Drive
  • Minimal proficiency using MS Office