Jobs For Graduates Across Europe

It’s that exciting time of year when university is finishing for the summer – and if you’re in your final year of studies, that means you are finishing university forever and heading out into the world. With so much choice in front of you, it can be incredibly hard to decide exactly what to do… and when you find what you are looking for, you find hundreds of other graduates looking for the exact same thing! That’s where we come in. At SpotOn connections, we currently have hundreds (literally) of jobs for graduates that are waiting to be filled across Europe.

Who Are These Jobs For?

At SpotOn Connections we recruit for many different industries, meaning that we have jobs for individuals of all disciplines. We are also looking for individuals from a wide range of countries and constantly have demand for individuals who are fluent in any European language. We currently have a particularly high demand for french speakers and German speakers, but we are also constantly in need of Dutch speakers, Swedish speakers, Norwegian speakers, and many others. We are looking for individuals who are willing to work hard and start building a worthwhile career, and when providing career advice, we will treat you as an individual and take the time to get to know your needs and career aspirations.

Where Are These Jobs?

We have jobs based all over Europe – eighteen different countries to be exact – offering you the opportunity to live in a new place that better suits your desired way of life, so we can help you find a job in an exciting new environment. We currently have a high volume of vacancies in Malta, Athens, Prague, and Lisbon, but these are just a handful of places that we work in. Once you get in touch with us, we will let you know what opportunities are available.

How Do You Find These Jobs?

We are here to help you start your career. All you have to do is register your CV with us here and we will get in contact with you to discuss your options. Don’t worry about making your CV pretty and perfect – we will help you with that. We look forward to hearing from you.

Not only do we have jobs for you, we have jobs for your friends too, and we pay €250 for every successful referral. Find out more about our refer a friend scheme here.