Life By The Seaside

The island of Malta located between Sicily and the North African coast, may seem like a small spot on the map, but this unique island is a truly magical place with something for absolutely everyone!

It’s blue waters, sandy beaches and soul-feeding views are only some of the many attractions this gorgeous place holds. Malta is Europe’s best diving destination, but even snorkelling here gives a remarkable window onto another world. The historical sites that age back to the 4th century, churches painted by Caravaggio himself, temples, hypogeums, cathedrals and the surrounding islands that see mixed turquoise waters are just a taste of what this place has to offer. With sunshine for 10 months a year, there are endless hangout options for people staying here from small beach shacks, bars and pubs, to chic lounges, festivals, fireworks and village festivities all year round, Malta has it all! The laid back and friendly nature of the islanders and the multi-cultural hospitable environment makes it a great place to live, no wonder so many people have relocated to this wonderful place.


The Mediterranean cuisine served here is superb! Fresh fish, shellfish, pastas and traditional Maltese dishes, to hundreds of restaurants serving absolutely any cuisine imaginable, it’s hard not to please anyone’s taste buds! Malta is an English and Maltese speaking country that has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, giving anyone a sense of peace and security. Complimented by it’s excellent education system for kids growing up here hand in hand with a great health system that makes it easy for your whole family to live here.

Malta is also a great place for I.T., legal, finance and multilingual roles recruiting over 12,000 people each year!! With so many companies set up here combined with the island’s low cost of living, it’s an affordable place to be! With jobs covering everything from Systems Administrators, Technical Support,, Java Developers, C# Developers, Systems Engineers, BI Developers, Database Administrators, IT Developers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Managers, Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Compliance Managers, Financial Controllers and Multi-lingual roles, there is really something for everyone! There is also a great demand for Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, and any language that is native to your country for that matter exists right here!

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