How Much Does It Cost To Live In Malta?

At SpotOn Connections we currently place staff in fifteen different countries across Europe and we are continuously expanding the network of countries that we work in. As the cost of living varies greatly between countries, your salary can go a very long way, or not very far at all, depending on where you live. As we opened our first office in Malta, we have built strong relationships with many clients here and always have many positions available.

Many of our candidates ask us about the cost of living in Malta and in general, Malta is not an expensive country to live in. Below we have included some average costs from different parts of the country. All of the data we have used is taken from Numbeo, submitted by individuals who actually live in each area, and the figures listed are an average. This means you can find everything cheaper or more expensive that the figures listed, but it will give you a ballpark figure to start from.

How Much Does The Cost Of Living Vary Within Malta?

Despite being a small island, the price of rent can vary quite a lot, depending upon which part of the island you live on. As such, we have selected three different places around Malta to show you the varied cost of living. However, there are several costs that do not vary across Malta and we have included them below.

Bus Tickets (Two Hour Validity)
  • €1.50 in winter
  • €2.00 in summer
  • €3.00 for night service

If you get a bus pass, all fares are around half price and there is cap of €26 per month for unlimited use.

Fuel Costs
  • Unleaded 1.31 €/L
  • Diesel 1.18 €/L

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Sliema?

A major residential and commercial hub in Malta, Sliema is home to shopping, dining, and café life, and it is where our offices are located. Below are a few of the costs of living in Sliema.

  • One bedroom apartment / month: €725
  • One bedroom in shared house of three / month: €495
  • One litre of milk: €0.86
  • 12 eggs: €2.10
  • Loaf of bread (500g): €0.99
  • 1.5 litre water: €0.73
Going Out
  • Standard meal: €14.50
  • 3 course meal with wine: €30
  • Domestic beer (o.5 litre): €2.50
  • Cola: €1.59
  • Cappuccino: €1.76

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Birkirkara?

Located in the centre of Malta, Birkirkara is Malta’s most populous town with over twenty-two thousand inhabitants.

  • One bedroom apartment / month: €425
  • One bedroom in shared house of three / month: €245
  • One litre of milk: €0.84
  • 12 eggs: €2.25
  • Loaf of bread (500g): €0.75
  • 1.5 litre water: €0.50
Going Out
  • Standard meal: €10.00
  • 3 course meal with wine: €15.00
  • Domestic beer (o.5 litre): €2.25
  • Cola: €1.50
  • Cappuccino: €1.50

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Buġibba?

Located in the north of Malta, Buġibba is a popular tourist area with many hotels and restaurants.

  • One bedroom apartment / month: €650
  • One bedroom in shared house of three / month: €350
  • One litre of milk: €0.86
  • 12 eggs: €2.00
  • Loaf of bread (500g): €0.86
  • 1.5 litre water: €0.60
Going Out
  • Standard meal: €10.50
  • 3 course meal with wine: €24.00
  • Domestic beer (o.5 litre): €2.50
  • Cola: €1.38
  • Cappuccino: €1.57

The Overall Cost Of Living in Malta

As you can see, the price of rent varies greatly across Malta, as does the price of eating out, but grocery prices are fairly consistent. As mentioned, these prices are averages, correct at the time of writing, and should only be used as a guide.

When taken as a whole, consumer prices in Malta are 12% lower than in the United Kingdom and rent is 31% lower. Comparing to Germany, consumer prices in Malta are 4% lower and rent is 7% lower. These low prices help your money go much further in Malta and when coupled with the fact that you have great weather most the year and proximity to the coast, living in Malta can lead to a great quality of life.

How Can You Find A Job In Malta?

Does this make you want to move to Malta? As international recruitment specialists, we have positions available in many industries across most of Europe, including in Malta, and we can help you take the next step in your career and life – including helping you to find a job in Malta. Register your CV with us here and one of our recruitment consultants will get back to you to discuss your skills, desires, and opportunities, helping you to develop professionally and personally. We offer an ongoing source of career consultancy and look forward to hearing from you.