Soft Skills Most Valued By Recruiters

Soft skills are the inherent qualities of each person. These include habits, attitudes and the way we interact with others which are all highly valued by employers. Soft skills could also be the decision maker for getting hired!

When talking about your soft skills on your CV or in an interview, give examples of moments when your soft skill helped you to overcome an obstacle or situation that made you become more successful in your job.

Some of the most valued Soft Skills are:

Verbal communication – Being able to communicate effectively with people, be it with colleagues, clients and partners.

Team work – Your capacity to help your team and colleagues, debate ideas until an agreement is reached, share success and assume errors when it is needed.

Problems solving – When you can identify the cause of the problem and take decisions that allow solving it in a more effective way.

Organization – Your capability to plan, organize, and prioritize the work. This allows better time management and execution of projects.

Information’s processing – The speed at which you learn information, process it, and apply it.

Writing – Your capability of creating and editing reports.

All soft skills are especially useful when you are thinking of a change in your career. Don’t forget to mention that in your next interview 🙂

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