Totally Gatsby: Connections Christmas Party 2017

For the eagerly anticipated Betting Connections and SpotOn Connections Christmas Party in Malta, this year we went with a Gatsby theme, transporting ourselves to 1922. With the help of many props and costumes, we jumped through time, converting Surfside into a glamour filled speakeasy as we partied through the night. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Connections team and to those who have worked with us, making 2017 so great. Relive the fun of the night (and year) with the happy memories captured below.

A Complete Transformation

With the help of many props, several hundred balloons, and lots of glitter, Surfside appeared as never before, indulging in the lavish style of a Gatsby world from 1922. It was wonderful to see everyone making such an effort and really getting involved in the whole Gatsby theme. As ever, it’s the people in this business that make us what we are and seeing so many smiling faces is testament to this. Bring on 2018!