Working from home tips from Nuria, our remote Recruitment Manager

COVID guidelines suggest staying indoors as much as possible. So it is no surprise that companies have shifted to working remotely. This can be a challenge for anyone who is new to working remotely from home. It can be a bigger challenge for Managers and Team Leaders. However, there are ways for making the transition easier.

I spoke with Nuria, our SpotOn Portugal office Recruitment Manager, who has been working remotely since before it was in style. Nuria joined SpotOn Connections in February 2013 in Malta. Later on, she helped open the SpotOn Portugal Office while working remotely in Spain!


Hi Nuria! You have been working at SpotOn Connections for 7 years. How many years have you spent working remotely?

I have been working remotely for 2 years now, as I wanted to move back to Spain.


What were some of the first challenges you faced? How did you solve these challenges?

At first, it was hard to adjust. I had to work from the dining room at the table. I had no privacy and didn’t have very good lighting, so I decided to set up an office at home. A comfortable space, with a good internet connection as well as privacy. Privacy is something you need regardless of where or how you work. Good lighting gives you a good atmosphere and helps when making video calls. Also essential is a comfortable desk and chair. If you have these, you should be well-equipped to handle the rest.

What can one do to help get into the “working mood” while working from home?

It is good to have a morning routine. Exercise, take a shower, have breakfast and dress as if you were going to work. If you keep the same schedule and start your day as if you are going to work, it will be easier. Exercise is the most important part of the routine. You will be spending less energy travelling and you need to use that energy to give you some momentum.

It is also a good idea to have an open workspace, which is separate from where you “live” at home. That way, when you finish work, you can leave that workspace and disconnect mentally. Otherwise, you will look at your workspace and be stuck with the working mentality. As soon as you finish, go out to the balcony, socialize through social media or at least take some time to readjust.

For example, as a team we have dancing classes together in the office every Wednesday and celebrate the end of a hard-worked week together with our company Friday beers! Working remotely we still attend these events, but make use of video calls to connect!


What about team leaders and managers who need to manage their teams remotely?

You need to have patience. You also need to accept that you will have less time to do your own work until your team adjusts. You need to keep pushing, while allowing some flexibility. This depends a lot on the experience of your team as well. A new team will have a harder time adjusting than an experienced one. You will also have to realize that some people are less capable of working remotely and will need more guidance than others.


Is there anything Team Managers can do to help?

Stay connected as a team through video calls. This was crucial for me to keep the energy flowing within the team. I knew what was going on in the office and with my team members, even if I wasn’t there physically. If anyone had a question, they could quickly ask, and I could take care of any concerns on the spot.


Any other tips or insight?

Perhaps most importantly, enjoy it! This situation will pass and working remotely is an interesting and learning experience for anyone. Make sure you take the most out of it, and the most out of your free time. Eventually, you will look back, and look at the experience with a smile.


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