This week we are tri-celebrating at SpotOn Connections, as three of our fabulous managers celebrate their 8 (Joelle & Patricia) and 7 (Noelia) years within the company. A great achievement to be sure!

Patricia and Joelle joined SpotOn Connections 8 years ago, with Patricia eventually becoming the Recruitment Manager for SpotOn Cascais, and Joelle becoming the Recruitment Manager for SpotOn Gozo! In the meantime, Noelia joined SpotOn Malta in 2015. She then moved to Portugal to help Patricia set up our Cascais Office, before moving on to Santiago De Compostela and becoming the Recruitment Manager for that office!

We managed to catch our Recruitment Managers during their busy schedule to celebrate milestones and tell us the highlights and what made these years particularly worth it!


Joelle joined SpotOn Connections Malta in 2014, following her Degree in Psychology from the University of Malta. Until she moved to the office in Gozo, Joelle used to make the 2-hour commute to work everyday from her home in Gozo to Malta, balancing her love of the island and recruitment. She enjoys creating new recipes in her free time and loves to travel and learn about new cultures!

Joelle, Recruitment Manager, SpotOn Connections Gozo

How would you describe these many years with the company?

It was an amazing journey, starting as a Trainee and going through different stages in my career with SpotOn Connections. I would describe these years as very challenging at time, yet this helped me become the person I am, personally and professionally. So many ups and downs along the way but surely rewarding and fulfilling.

What are some of your happiest memories within SpotOn?

The happiest memory was when we opened the SpotOn Connections Office in Gozo. It was a dream come true as the Company trusted me with this responsibility. I had the opportunity to carry the brand with me to Gozo and to have a successful team in Victoria, Gozo! Throughout the years, I had many more happy memories, mostly revolving around the company events when we get together to celebrate and visiting our international offices, especially beautiful Portugal.

What would you tell people joining recruitment?

While I didn’t know much about recruitment at the time, I found support from day one and it has never stopped! Recruitment is not an easy job, but it is rewarding and exciting, and everyday is different. You get to do this job while travelling, meeting new people, speaking with clients, meeting your personal goals, developing your career, and developing personally!


Noelia joined SpotOn Connections in July 2015, after she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a 2nd level Degree in Human Resources. At the start of 2017, she moved to Portugal to help set up our Cascais office. Now she heads our Santiago De Compostela as the Recruitment Manager for the office there. Noelia is a fun-loving character who loves trekking, cooking, discovering new places, and Real Madrid!

Noelia, Recruitment Manager, SpotOn Connections Santiago De Compostela

What do you love about working at SpotOn Connections?

Business Quality and company culture. The culture and the way our company is created encourages you to continuously deliver quality, whilst giving your personal input in everything you do. The overall team is really strong. I feel that everyone works towards the same goal, regardless of the team or office they belong to, which is remarkable considering our growth.

What do you like about recruitment?

Whenever I get asked this question, I always give the same answer. The fact that after almost 7 years in this industry, I still wake up excited and motivated every morning. I know that this sounds a bit like a utopia, but it is a profession where you can learn so much at both, professional and personal levels. You never stop feeding your curiosity. You can genuinely have an impact on people’s lives and change them for the better. It goes without saying that the adrenaline that you feel on daily basis, both ups and downs, makes it even more addictive because the high peaks are extraordinary.

How would you describe these many years with the company?

Dynamic and rewarding since the first day I joined SpotOn. No two days are ever the same in this company! Apart from learning the best practices about Recruitment, tons of knowledge across industries as well as getting my own clients and starting my own team, I have always had the support and trust from my manager to reach new milestones and aim higher. We are part of a company where we can choose our own limit and are always encouraged to dream big!

Patricia, Recruitment Manager, SpotOn Connections Cascais


Patricia joined the SpotOn Connections family in Summer 2014, working in our offices in Malta before moving to Portugal to help set up our Cascais branch of SpotOn Connections. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in HR Management. Patricia is a peoples’ person at heart, and likes to travel as much as possible. However, her greatest passions are dancing Salsa and Bachata!

How would you describe these many years with the company?

It has been a very good journey, with a lot of ups and downs full of great moments on a professional and personal level. It has been amazing.

What are some of your happiest memories within SpotOn?

I have plenty of good memories after these 8 years; from company events, Friday Beers, relocating from Malta to Portugal and opening the new office in Cascais, team buildings, promotions and more. It’s difficult to mention just one. There have been many good moments and there are many more to come for sure!

What would you tell people joining recruitment?

You need to be a resilient and ambitious hard worker who is constantly learning. Keep up with latest market trends and fight to achieve your goals. Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and in what you do.

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